Eat the Blocks

Eat the Blocks is an online blockchain development school that has recently created a full course on Polygon development, with a full suite of tutorials on Ethereum and Solidity as well.

Eat the Blocks has plenty of tutorials on dApp production, and has a specific tutorial for deploying L2 dApps via. Polygon for your perusal. Prerequisites for your environment have all been set up (assuming you went through the installation part of Polygon Academy), but there are a few concepts (e.g. ERC20, basics of command line) that you need to pick up.

You'll learn some of the basics about Polygon's architecture, and some things like Polygonscan and Polygon Gas Tracker to get you started on developing or interacting with dApps. There is also an introduction to Polygon's build-your-own-blockchain SDK and deploying on the PoS sidechain should you be interested.

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