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This is a free online school dedicated to onboarding developers into the world of building Decentralized Applications for the future of the Web. We are here to help you level up your skills every step of the way. There are 4 levels that a student can achieve through completing this learning journey. For each level, you will need to complete a set of tasks.

Once you successfully setup your environment, you’ll need to review core concepts and complete a mid-term quiz to achieve level 2. Then, you can begin learning each of our tutorials split into 2 modules; beginners and advanced. Once you complete a module, tweet your github link of an example dapp of your choice to the @0xpolygondevs twitter account to receive a shout-out and complementary, limited edition NFT badge!


Level 1: Apprentice badge (Run the Dapp Starter Kit on your local machine)

Level 2: Developer badge (Complete Mid-term Assignment #1)

Level 3: Warrior badge (Complete Mid-term Assignment #2)

Level 4: Wizard badge (Complete Final Assignment)

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